Thursday, May 28, 2009

Colorful World ~ Images by Laura Hardie

Dreamy, feminine SEA GLASS GREEN & BLUE.....
Vibrant, cheerful ORANGE!
Soft gentle CREAM.....
Wow, how did the photographer get this shot?
Happy, friendly YELLOW!

I can't believe it's Friday already! This week just flew by due to the long Memorial Day weekend. Hope yours was a good one and that you enjoy some much deserved r&r this weekend. On Friday's I like to leave you with some beautiful, colorful images. Color is EVERYWHERE and it's exemplified in nature more than anywhere else. Enjoy these beautiful photos by Laura Hardie and if you have a chance, visit her Etsy shop. See you here on Monday!

P.S. Which of these things is not like the other (remember the old Sesame Street song)? After I posted these photos I realized that poor Mr. Peacock must feel a little out of place since all of the other photos are of flowers. Ah, well.....nothing wrong with being a little different. ;)

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