Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Colorful Life!

Image Credits:
Red Flipflops ~ Jazzylolo
Sandy Smile ~ Osvaldo Zoom
Kite Invasion ~ Flickr Dave
Beach Buddy ~ William Dalton

How about a little inspiration today? I know I can use it. ;) On Wednesday it's my goal to encourage you to live a COLORFUL LIFE. To live your life to it's most colorful capacity. This week's challenge is called the VACATION PRINCIPLE. Here's an excerpt from an inspirational book I keep by my bed called "Creating a Charmed Life", By Victoria Moran.

"Once you get it (the vacation principle, my emphasis) you live as if you were always on vacation, savoring every minute and collecting memories like snapshots. Relaxing and having fun become priorities.

When you internalize the VACATION PRINCIPLE you will notice increased vibrancy around you. Colors will seem more vivid, sounds clearer, scents easier to detect and differentiate.

Regard your life as an extended working vacation. Find nooks and crannies to explore, sidestreets to meander, beaches to walk along. Stop at a scenic overlook. Speak another language. Ride a carousel. Be a tourist in your hometown and in your own life. When you do this, even the lackluster aspects of living day to day can seem like part of an amazing journey."

How can YOU practice the VACATION PRINCIPLE this week?

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