Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Should I Step Out of the Box?

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One recurring theme that I hear from clients is their fear of using BOLD color in their homes.....of stepping out of the box. They want to try something totally crazy and new but are genuinely fearful that they won't be happy with their new, daring color choices.

Color can be intimidating! You have to look at your four walls every day and you want your home to reflect who you are and not scare away visitors.

My suggestion is........go a little crazy, draw outside the lines, put colors that you love on your walls and use them generously in your accessories. There's really no right or wrong when choosing a color scheme for the interior of your home (for the exterior it's wise to consider your neighboring homes).

One helpful hint is to paint small sample boards of the paint colors you're considering and test them around your room in various lighting at different times of the day. If you get that "yuk!" feeling, purchase new sample paints (they come in 2 oz. at most major paint retailers) and try again! If all else fails, contact a color consultant like me.......I'd be glad to help! ;)

Follow the link below to the Marimekko Design Blog to see how this highly respected company uses color. As for YOU, be daring and just go for it!

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