Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Geninne's Inspiration Wall

This is a photo of Geninne's studio and her "inspiration wall". You'll see in the photos below that Geninne is inspired by COLOR.....!!!

Have you ever heard that one way to create a color scheme for your home is to take a look at the colors you choose for your clothing? Take a look in your closet and notice the colors that stand out the most to you? Do you have several brightly colored tops or do you gnerally wear neutral colored clothing (blacks, whites, grays, tans)? Bring these hues into your home and your home will reflect YOU.

I'm guessing that Geninne has a very colorful wardrobe!


  1. So beautiful, I love Gennine and her eye for art and styling!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Holly. :) I agree....she has a definite style of her own.

  3. I love looking at Geninne's studio too...it is so organized! Her artwork is beautiful with all its intricate detail and of course color!


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~ Vicki