Friday, March 13, 2009

"All About Hue " Fridays!

golden raspberries
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This weekend make a point to be aware of the simple things. Take time to look and really SEE the beauty around you. Take a mental picture of the colors you see. Remember the sense of wonder you had when you were little? Everything was exciting and new. Join me in taking a little time for "hue" this weekend. Coffee, tea, time for yourself, and enjoying the simple things...... sounds good to me! (Add a little chocolate to the menu, and you've created the perfect weekend.)

Come back and share your thoughts on Monday and I'll do the same. :)

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  1. O.k., I'm going to post on my own blog.......I hope that's "kosher". :)

    I took my own challenge this weekend and enjoyed a cup of tea, gazed out our large front windows facing the foothills, and read a short story that I loved when I was little. Ever heard of "The Happy Prince"? It's a very touching children's story written by Oscar Wilde about a swallow that makes it's home on a huge statue of a prince. When the prince was alive he was confined to the palace, but now that he looms over the city he sees the suffering of its citizens. He asks the swallow to take the ruby from his sword and the sapphires from his eyes and to bring them to people in need. It has a touching ending that always leaves me a little teary-eyed. I hope you took time for YOU this weekend. Let me know what you did!
    The colors that really stood out to me this weekend were hardly romantic.....they were the vibrant colors of my son's soccer turf! It was a newer field and the green of the turf was so bright. The sidelines were brilliant yellow and orange and the uniforms of team #1 were a stark black and white and team #2's uniforms were a bright red and white. It's funny how when you really make a point of it, you notice colors you might have otherwise taken for granted. What colors did you notice this weekend?


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